Industrial Toxicology

  Team 1: Team leader Professor Abdessalam Taleb.

- Research Theme: Industrial Toxicology

- Scientific research and technological development objectives

1- Study of renal toxicity in industry: finding new markers of kidney early effects

- To determine the prevalence of alterations or renal dysfunction among workers exposed to heavy metals by assays of protein markers and describes risk factors.

- Identify protein markers variation factors: beta 2 micro globulin and urinary microalbuminuria.
- To study the biochemical markers of nephropathy induced by exposure to mercury, to establish the diagnosis of renal injury at an early, reversible stage.

- Develop and adapt new biochemical methods of exploration of the kidney.
- Measure the association of renal disease with exposure levels and other biological parameters.
- Propose a kidney biological monitoring program for workers exposed to heavy metals

2- Study of pulmonary toxicity in industry: finding new markers of lung early effects:
- Describe exposure to industrial pollutants (-vapeurs gas, solvents, heavy metals) in workers of two industrial companies in the region of Tlemcen.

- To determine the prevalence of respiratory disorders (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in an exposed workers to inhalant.

- Explore the patients with chronic respiratory diseases characterized (single or obstructive chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis ...)

- To study the predictors of a toxic attack the respiratory system (the study of protein Clara cells of the respiratory system).

- Pulmonary toxicity associated with exposure to sulfur dioxide and solvents

- Respiratory and skin allergies among hospital staff of the University Hospital of Tlemcen

- Study of Biological and Biochemical Markers of Renal and Pulmonary Toxicity In The Workers Exposed To Welding

- Propose a pulmonary medical surveillance program for workers exposed.


3- Noise and ototoxic chemicals

- In order to improve the prevention and forensic care workers exposed concomitantly to noise and some industrial toxic, it is proposed to study the potentially ototoxic effects of heavy metals and solvents used in industrial and their interaction with noise on the risk of induced hearing loss.

4- Sleep medicine

- To study the prevalence of sleep disorders and vigilance in the workforce.

  • To determine the prevalence of sleep apnea in the workforce.

- Studying the links between respiratory disorders, sleep disorders and vigilance (sleep apnea) and neurological disorders.

- Develop methods of detection, investigation and management of sleep disorders and vigilance in Algeria Actimetry, polygraphy, polysomnography